3 Ways that Porcelain Crowns Can Dramatically Restore Your Smile

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Are your teeth worn down, broken, decayed, or just don’t look the way you need them to in order to have a confident smile? Modern advancements in dental treatments and materials can change that.

Beautiful Treatment That Restores Your Smile

Whether you need to repair one tooth, or have several teeth that need advanced care, porcelain crowns can dramatically change the way your smile looks and feels. Made of the highest quality of dental materials available, porcelain crowns can return the health and integrity to every tooth that is treated. We work closely with you to design the shape, size and color of your porcelain crown, so that it looks extremely natural.

The Purpose of a Crown

Crowns are restorations that cover the entire portion of your tooth above the gumlines.  They are used to repair teeth that are broken or decayed beyond the point that is treatable with a filling. Teeth that have root canal therapy are also treated with crowns to preserve the structural integrity of the tooth. In the past, crowns were made of gold or porcelain fused to metal bases. Older materials such as these did not look like a natural tooth, or left a visible metal margin along the edge of the crown. New advancements in crown materials now enable us to have restorations that are completely made of porcelain. This increases the aesthetics of the treatment and makes your new teeth look as natural as possible.

Part of a Comprehensive, Cosmetic Care Approach

At Cypress Springs Family Dentistry, we aim to not only keep your smile as healthy as possible, but to choose the most aesthetic methods of treatment during the restorative process. Straight-forward porcelain crown treatments allows us to completely change the way your tooth looks while also returning your oral health to the level you deserve.  Call Dr. Kyle Todd to discuss your options today.