Reasons Not to Ignore Crooked Teeth

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Most people think that orthodontics is only focused on improving the appearance of a person’s smile. However, that is only because they don’t fully understand the benefits offered by having the teeth straightened. Believe it or not, crooked teeth can cause more problems than just insecurities. So, for our patients at Cypress Springs Family Dentistry to realize why undergoing orthodontics is worth it and necessary, here is a list of the potential issues associated with crooked teeth.

crooked teeth

Bad breath

Having crooked teeth means that the teeth are overlapping, creating spaces ideal for bacteria to accumulate. Unfortunately, this dental issue makes it hard for patients to cover all the areas of their teeth when brushing and flossing. As a result, bacteria can remain uneliminated; therefore, leading to bad breath.

TMJ Disorder

If teeth misalignment is left unattended, it can lead to excessive wear of the jaw and its hinge (temporomandibular joint). In the long run, the wear of the temporomandibular joint can lead to bruxism, pain in the neck, face, and jaw, as well as the locking and popping of the jaw.

Difficulty in chewing food

The teeth can function properly only if they operate and chew on each other. However, if there are crooked teeth on the upper and lower dental arches, it becomes challenging for the patient to chew food properly.

Enamel wear

Patients with crooked teeth are more likely to have bad bites. Unfortunately, this can cause the tooth enamel to wear down. And if they happen to suffer from bruxism, their enamel is more likely to erode or even chip. Once the enamel is significantly weakened, it can break.

Gum disease

One of the most common consequences in leaving crooked teeth untreated. That is because the gums don’t fit firmly around the misaligned teeth, allowing bacteria to enter and accumulate. If this harmful buildup os left uneliminated, it could lead to gum disease.

Affects overall health

Aside from the mouth, crooked teeth can even lead to issues that attack one’s general wellness. For example, the studies conducted by the Australian Dental Association, which proves that the buildup of bacteria due to crooked teeth can promote the development of oral infections. This infection can potentially lead to serious medical complications like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and even pneumonia.


Fortunately, this list can help convince everyone that it is best to take action about their crooked teeth early to avoid all the possible dangers. To make it possible, take advantage of our Orthodontic offers in Cypress, TX! To cater to the needs and preferences of many, we offer Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, and traditional braces. Book a consultation with us at Cypress Springs Family Dentistry to get started with the treatment.